Giveaway time!

I’m doing a giveaway to thank all of my followers for a great year and a half.

What you’ll win:

༨Good Luck incense from hem
༨A set of 7 chakra stones
༨The Srivad Bhatagatama from the society for Krishna consciousness
༨An amethyst point and a mystery crystal shown above
༨Any bracelet from the etsy TimeOfTheSeason
༨Tigers eye mala beads
༨Black and gold tote bag from Awakened Vibrations
༨New yoga mat from HuggerMugger yoga supplies!


*It’s a giveaway for my followers, so following me is a requirement
*Reblogs and likes count
*Giveaway blogs count, why not
*Giveaway ends on my birthday, February 6th, at midnight
*Reblog as many times as you want
*Ships anywhere
*Must be willing to give me your address!

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with the tumblr corporation, I will be sending out the giveaway items And I will be getting the information, not tumblr.